I'm okay even it hurts

@sjhaeki (798)
August 26, 2010 9:02am CST
"I'm okay" doesn't always mean i'm okay. it could also be "I'm hurt" whatever the reason is people lie and tell others they're fine even if they are already hurting... whether it be love or health they build up a front and endure the pain on their own T_T
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• United States
26 Aug 10
Maybe some people are ashamed of what they are upset about. They don't want to be known to be so vulnerable, or so insecure that they will hide that the best that they can. Nobody wants to be known as weak or too dependant. It's not in our nature. Everyone is guilty of doing this and when someone is obviously troubled you shoudn't try to force it out of them, you should just be there for them and let them know you care and that you are not judging them.
@sjhaeki (798)
• Philippines
27 Aug 10
well, yeah... can't be helped if there are people like that but sometimes there are also some that even though they are like physically injured they still say they are fine until the time comes they can't handle it anymore and that's when they ask for professional treatment... it would be understandable if its for financial problems but when they finally do ask help it would be already a somewhat major problem...
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