Silly Banz being banned from schools ARE THEY SERIOUS?

United States
August 26, 2010 10:16am CST
I was watching the news last night and i saw that there are a few schools banning Silly Banz from school because they are a big distraction & that kids are swapping them causing them not to pay attention. I think that this is a ridiculous ban. i have 3 children 1 of which is in grade school and all three of them LOVE silly banz! there were even mothers on t.v agreeing that they were a distraction. Why are these any different from new bracelets, or mood rings, or cool earrings, friendship bracelets, halloween designed rings, new pencils with different designs, pokemon cards??? I know that if there are girls in school that get those bangled bracelets they all gotta get them and then they all trade them in class and on the bus. Friendship bracelets SAME thing!! If they are going to ban Silly Banz i think they should ban ALL distractive jewelery, and if they ban ALL distractive jewelery then i think they should ban ALL jewelery INCLUDING teachers and staff.. what is it with the school system trying to make school boring??? school should be a fun enivorment, kids will wanna learn if they are having a good time. its the kids that are bored that fail classes i think. When i was in a class and i was enjoying it i usually came out with a good grade, the ones were i was bored were the ones i failed. Silly Banz are just this years new thing, what the hay are they gonna ban next??!??! Seriously!! they are RUBBER BANDS with SHAPES.. RUBBER BANDS.. If my daughter cant have her RUBBER BAND bracelet then i think that ALL Rubber bands in school should be banned as well!!
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• United States
26 Aug 10
well to be completely honest i don't understand the fascination with over priced pieces of rubber shaped like animals but seeing as it has taken over kids in schools everywhere I suppose that the student body had to take action. They really are a distraction in school. I walk around and see girls with their entire forearm covered with the things. In response to your post I don't think it would be fair to ban all rubber bands seeing as they have an actual purpose. Fads come and go and I don't think the whole silly band things is going to be around much longer.
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
26 Aug 10
it does sound a little crazy. these bands are not that stage yet here in canada, though i have seen them in stores (and bought some for my daughter for Christmas).
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@natliegleb (5184)
• India
16 Mar 13
ya i think they are serious mainly because of variety of reasons like it will distract them and also it will control the blood flow in the wrist
@shaggin (39822)
• United States
24 Sep 12
I think they should be considered jewerly and if they are banned then so should all jewerly. In our school they were banned by certain teachers. Some wouldnt allow them at all some would allow them but they could not touch them and play with them they had to be left on as jewerly and not played with. My daughter and her friends trade them at recess.