Breeding in Missouri about to be singled out!

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August 26, 2010 1:38pm CST
I think it is crazy how the government seems to profile people and put all people in the same categories! Recently my Father and Mother in law found out that their kennels are going to be shutdown because their having a state wide ban on dog breeding! It is ridiculous because they have the cleanest kennels and air condition and heated and they spend most everyday working hard to keep all the animals safe and clean and fed. I think it is stupid that their are a lot of bad breeders out their but they put everyone in the same categories and think just because there are bad breeders that their isn't any good ones either. What do you think??
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@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
27 Aug 10
Hi Slugs this is horrible I am originally from missouri and I remember growing up and my mother and father both went on the other side of Wentzville and there was a Pomeranian breeder they bought both their dogs there while I was growing up and we had a kinship with the breeder and their family. It sure seemed nicer to see both mother and father of the puppies so you knew what you were getting a quality dog After I grew up I bred pomeranians myself and was lucky enough to find a breeder so I did not have to go through the puppy mills. or those crazy pet shops that charge triple because they have to I cant understand why they would shut breeders down I would rather see them shut some of these aweful looking animal control places that really do not take care of the dogs. Then they charge such an enormous amount of money to adopt one and then they come to your home to check it out before they allow you to have the pet and here in florida where I am living now they even do background checks on you So I am sure more animals are uthenized than given a chance at a home. Which sickens me because with the economy people cant afford 80 to 100 dollars to adopt a dog anymore either and trust me they are never hardly any purebreds! I bought my son a chihuahua in Troy Missouri too he lived to be 11 years old So I have to honestly say I have not ever purchased dogs from anyone but breeders maybe get hold of your local state reps and start getting a petition together through other breeders in Missouri and get this knocked out of the way Where do these stupid people think their pets come from? I am shaking my head at this government more and more every day with the new rules they lay out on simple people guess I will have to lay my crafting down soon too eh?