Advice from fellow wait staff please...

August 27, 2010 6:35am CST
I work part time as a waitress in a small Italian restaurant near my home...I have been doing this since December 2009...prior to that (before I had my daughter in 2007), my work back ground is office work - especially government work so This is my first time waitressing...My bosses have decided that in 3 weeks time, they are wanting a Saturday night off work which means I will be the only waitress with bsck up help from one of the counter tonight at work, I was the person in charge of the restaurant...I was running around more than what I normally do when I'm not the one comepletely in charge even though I do most of the work anyway...besides delegating, is there any advice you can give me so I'm not running around as much as I was tonight?
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@chulce (1540)
• United States
27 Aug 10
moonchild, I was in your shoes many years ago when my children were little. I was also a waitress. The first thing that I can suggest, is take one thing at a time. If you are working in a large restaurant that is popular, unfortunately there will be quite a few times when you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. However, if you are uncomfortable with this I would let your supervisor know. Now, if you don't mind it, I would let them know that you deserve a raise, especially if they are going to place you in charge. They should take the step to do so, make you a head of the staff in some aspects. Besides delegating, if the staff that you work with knows what needs to be done, I would simply make sure that they do what is expected. If you find that things aren't being accomplished, instead of delegating, ask politely, if someone can take care of something. If this doesn't work, keep a list of the many things that should have been taken care of, let a supervisor know that "you can't" do it all by yourself and you feel that it is necessary to let other staff members know that there are many aspects of the job that all of them need to work on as a "team". Many people don't understand the concept of working as a team, it is hard working in a "team" environment when you seem to be the only "team" player. Good luck!
• Australia
27 Aug 10
Thanks for the advice chulce, I will take everything you have said on board....luckily for me, the restaurant is fairly small & I live in a very seasonal town so it tends to be fairly quiet in winter although in 3 weeks time, it should be starting to warm up a little which means that it may possibly be a little busier...I know I can do this but I guess I just need to re-adjust what I am doing now & it doesn't help with me having to practice delegating to my boss lol.