Were you accepted as a Friend or a Colleague?

@SimpleBB (1332)
August 27, 2010 9:00am CST
Friends are blessings. That's how i describe a friend. I have blessed with so many people around me, and most of them are my friends. I once heard this from one of my friends while asking her if we are going somewhere with this girl I called our friend. I was actually surprised of her response as "Well, I'm sorry. She is just a colleage for me, and not a friend". The girl has been with us since we've in the same group. It came to confuse me of how she consider me, as friend or a colleague, which I refused to ask her. From then on, I've been so discreet before claiming that I am a friend to someone or vice versa. Í am a type of a friend who will tell you if your acting bad or what is bad with your attitude. But I am supportive in so many ways as needed especially for good purpose. And now I'm doubt if how she see me with my attitude. Have you somehow feel doubt with how we accept by your claimed friends?
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