August 27, 2010 11:40am CST
how can we get a degree , diploma or etc? any historical reason?
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• Philippines
27 Aug 10
We need to go to an accredited school to get a degree. Having a diploma would give you an edge when it comes to employment, because employers prefer to hire people with academic degrees. Why? First of all, they want to be sure that the people they hire are equipped with the knowledge and skills that are required for the job. For instance, no hospital would hire a nurse without a degree in nursing. Also, some employers consider the diploma as a proof that the job candidate has the discipline to do the job well. It requires a certain degree of discipline to be able to finish a four-year course and an even higher degree of discipline to graduate with honors. However, there are jobs that do not require one to have a diploma and there are scores of millionaires without academic degrees.
• Indonesia
28 Aug 10
Yes , yes "score million without degree" is not about your degree but it,s about your skill to managed money so you will rich
• Philippines
28 Aug 10
There was even a joke in the university that I used to go to. They say that the straight A students become professors in the same school. The B students become the managers and CEOs of corporations. The C and D students become business owners. The dropouts and the F students become tycoons and millionaires. I don't know how true that is. But sometimes, schools fail to "educate." Education, in the real sense of the word, is bringing out the best in an individual. Some teachers simply teach students to think the way they do. They don't encourage creativity and critical thinking which is much-needed if you want to get ahead in life. By the way, I'm a college dropout. I have a good job and I support my whole family.
@babyEj (1525)
• Philippines
31 Aug 10
@ blind: good to know that you are earning even you aren't a degree holder. You are a living proof that it's not degree ALONE will make a person successful in life. As what you said " bringing the best that you can" is the true education. Education doesn't speak about school only. But we shouldn't ignore the great role of school in our lives and as a whole being.