Prison Inmates unfair treatment?

United States
August 27, 2010 2:12pm CST
I was thinking and I had some questions concerning prison inmates who get released and what they have to look forward to. I know so many people that judge people that have been to prison before even getting to know them. People always say once a criminal always a criminal! Ok first that statement goes to show that people are too judge mental of others and if they stopped to think about it, their just one bad decision away from having people say the same thing about them! 1) Question Do you think that prison inmates are repeat offenders because when they get out they can't find jobs and go back to doing what they know best to stay afloat? 2) Do you think the government should step up and help these people once they are released? 3)Do you think that people can be rehabilitated in the prison system or does it teach them more bad than good?
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• India
5 Sep 10
So let's invent Laws of Prison!!