Right or wrong decision at the right or wrong time...

August 27, 2010 4:19pm CST
Do you believe there are right or wrong decision in life at the right or wrong time in life? Maybe there are obvious wrong decisions but what about those that really mattered? Like leaving your current job for another? You would weigh your options of course. You are leaving because of a higher pay, additional benefits and the like. Then you are making the right decision. But what if something bad happened after? Your new job suddenly went bankrupt and you suddenly don't have a job? Does it now become a wrong decision?
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• Philippines
28 Aug 10
I don't think that situation would classify as a wrong decision. Actually, I think that any decision we make in life which have unpredictable results are neither bad nor good, they're just risks. Taking risks are dangerous but it is needed in life. Sometimes you just have to pay for the consequences later on, nonetheless that doesn't say that you made a bad decision. :)
• Philippines
28 Aug 10
But they were decisions nonetheless. Once the decision was made and the consequences were realized, do we then categorized it as a wrong decision? Anyway, we really won't know until we tried, do we?
@vito787 (54)
• United States
27 Aug 10
yeah really i believe