Why HEART is shaped that way?

August 27, 2010 7:16pm CST
At first i can't figure it out why heart shaped the way it is? Why not circle, diamond, square? I guess that shape of the heart has purpose. Its side is somewhat like wings or arms, reminding us to become a blessing to others like angels w/ wings, and arms to reach out to others. The pointed lower part of the heart probably pointing to something or someone below us- reminding us to always put our feet on the ground, learn to be humble. Or somehow it's directing us to feel the love in our hearts where the Lord resides. Lastly, the curve upper part, like two attached open hands as if asking for something, waiting for something to fill it, and i guess it is the grace of God. The vacuum at the upper part of the heart is a space for GOD,because HE alone could fill the emptiness within.
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28 Aug 10
I believe there is a reason it is shaped like that, but we will never know. I like your ideas very much though. God surely will fill us when we are empty. Have a great day ihenpaule!