how i make money?

August 27, 2010 10:42pm CST
u pls tell me some ways to make is essential to go for a job i have only plus two education.i wish to make money myself.would u help me to make money atlest 5$ ? ia m an hard worker.give me any work i will finish it . its my confidnce.........reply me if u can
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• United States
28 Aug 10
Hey edattmala.. I read that you want to make money.. Well, I've only found one legit way to earn a lot of money.. It's really slow in the beginning, but then it picks up.. I found this eBook while looking for a job like you.. The author knows what he's talking about because I really am earning "five dollars a day" not doing anything (like the title says).. Here is the link if you want it.. it took me a while to find it, but I eventually did.. It worked for my friend too, but it cost $7.77 to buy it.. but you said you are a hard worker, so I know you will earn the money back fast..