Do your pets pick you or do you pick them

Mojo the Puppy - Here is a sweet picture of Mojo sleeping at my feet under my desk.
United States
August 28, 2010 12:51am CST
It seems that every pet I have ever had they have picked me and this new puppy we got seems to have picked us as well. I found him at my job abandoned and tossed in our dumpster. Needless to say when I heard him and dug him out of the trash I knew that he would be a part of our family no matter what. I took him back into my job and sprayed him off very quickly before drying him and wrapping him in a blanket and taking him home. As I held him in my lap he climbed up my chest as I was driving and licked my face almost as if to say thank you. Every pet I have ever had it seems that they have picked me. My cats and now this little puppy. Have any of your pets picked you? How did they let you know that they wanted you for an owner?
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