how to make a blog??

@356619 (34)
August 28, 2010 2:14am CST
hi mylotters. well i want to make my own blog, but i am not sure how. could anybody please tell me how and what to do. i am not sure where to creat my first blog too. please help me out. thanks :)
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@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
28 Aug 10
To start a blog of your own free from is easy. You only have to have an gmail account to open into it and start publishing your articles. provides easy to operative blog site for one to operate. 1. open an gmail account. 2. start your blog with 3. open publish option and there type in your article. You can post photos, link your articles, invites friends to be host bloggers on your site. Try it now. The best way is trial and error.
• Philippines
28 Aug 10
I can create HTML webpages but i do not know how to create blogs. Is is the same? I am also waiting for someone to post on this topic. I am also interested in making money through blogging.
• Philippines
28 Aug 10
Making a blog is very easy. For starters, you can get a gmail email address and create a blog through The site is very friendly for blogger newbies. As for the content of your blog, I suggest you to write topics that interests you the most.This will make sure that your articles content are very good and you will definitely won't be running out of things to stay.