What is the QUOTA for in toneaday ?

August 28, 2010 5:23am CST
From some days i am noticing that there is a quota of 500 daily . Can anyone tell me what is that for ? And where can we now see our level ?
2 responses
• Romania
29 Aug 10
The daily quota is our limit on how many phrases/ words we can rate in a day..We all have the same limit:500 per day..They put this quota because they saw that some people abused the system and rated even 2500 phrases per day(that is 50 $ ) and didnt take the time to rate correctly ..because they wanted to make as much money as possible..Sometimes is better not to get that greedy and be grateful even if you do less money ,but are satisfied with your "work'
• India
30 Aug 10
Then they did it right ! It should be right in this perfect ruled way !
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
28 Aug 10
That is to ensure people don't use bots to accumulate earnings. Bad thing as I wanted to make a robot myself. ( yes I can make robots)