Should we wait a foreign insults to upgrade our police force/pinpoints to blame?

August 28, 2010 7:47am CST
The police force has so many things to complete,so that hey can have a good service to the people,who are in need of their services to safeguard the security of the community.I think,they are just not ready to make an extra careful strategy in a scenario like the hostage drama,that killed more victims,so was the culprit.They are already doing their duties,but forgot to bring all the necessary equipments to take good care of all remaining victims,and so was the immediate arrest of the suspect.We have proven to the world that a simple mistake is a great shame to the world.Many have learned a lot of things,including the harsh insults of the foreign medias scolding our government of not doing the right decisions to halt the incidence.What do you think mylot friends?Does these scenarios makes our police forces more responsible in their lines of duties?Does this makes them more responsible law abiding police forces,that can truly assure a safety environment?
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