Our goals

August 28, 2010 10:40am CST
I have learned in one of the seminars I have attended that setting goals can improve productivity at work. It makes sense since if we want to achieve something then we have to work hard on it. So I listed some of my goals in my life. 1. Career - to be promoted to the highest position in my career path 2. To build my own house before I get married. 3. Love life - to marry my girlfriend before I turn 30. I still have a long way before I turn 30. So that means goal number 2 should happen before this goal. 4. Retirement - to have more than enough resources for my retirement fund. These are just some of my goals in life. I'm still thinking for more. Oh for a short term goal I really want the processor of my pc to be upgraded on the first quarter next year. Its kinda old. So how about you guys? Care to share some of your goals in life? If you haven't I suggest you start listing. Its better to have goals in life so you would know where you really want to go.
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