the secret of happiness?

August 28, 2010 3:22pm CST
Can u tell me what's the secret of happiness cuz I've been looking for it 4 a long time..
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
30 Aug 10
There are things that bring happiness and unhappiness in our lives. Among those that bring unhappiness are "greed" and "lust". One can be sad all along as one fails to gain what one is yearning for. The mind can become calm and happy as the mind becomes free of greed.
@DawGwath (1044)
• Romania
30 Aug 10
The secret of happiness is apathy. That's "not giving a **** " in common tongue. You have to be part selfish, part loving. Give to those who give back, take from those who don't. Ignore those who don't deserve any attention. Also you need a passion or a hobby. People keep themselves happy by doing and investing in something they love. We're humans, not vegetables.
• Thailand
28 Aug 10
Happiness is just easier to find and is very hard to find, because it depends on people's views. Many people believe that happiness is something that is great, so they always start each day with face and head cau be stressful, they did not realize their happiness around. It sometimes is just someone's smile, an affectionate eyes, a bridge to bear, a treat courtesy ... To be happy you live fully each day and then you will feel a happy life.
@chhetp1 (469)
• India
28 Aug 10
To go deeply in the search for an answer to secret of happiness would only bring the fact that it is proportionate to the amount of sacrifices one want to make in life. Just think about the happiness of others, when you know that you don't want to go to a movie but your little brother wanted to see it badly, to make him happy you would need to sacrifice, probably your desire to go fishing. But when you see the ray of smile in his face it should definitely make you happy. That of course doesn't mean you can say yes to everybody and everything. We must remember it is not greatest achievement that will make us happy but its those little acts which we tend to completely forget, which could be the happiest moments for us. No pain and no gain. so to be happy we would need to make others happy.
@joelp10 (104)
• United States
28 Aug 10
In my life, confidence goes a long way. I was nevver confident before, but when I learned how to be, it changed most of my life, I even grew into a more "succesful personality. I'm pretty happy with my life.