What was he thinking?

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August 29, 2010 2:40am CST
I woke up to a wonderful suprise this morning courtesy of my 3 yr. old. :| I was recently to (not to my liking) put on a med to help with the stress of deployment. This new medicine made me extremely tired and today, I accidentally outslept my son, thankfully only by about 15 mins because there's no telling what else he might have done! I woke up to find that he had peed ALL OVER the bathroom floor and then tried to cover it up with a TON of toiletpaper! So I had to peel stuck on, peed on tp from the floor, and then mop, and do it all with a smile...not! I was not a happy camper to say the least. He has been potty trained for over a year. What on earth possess kids to do such things? Aren't kids great!?!
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@xenoyosh (121)
29 Aug 10
Kids really have that imagination to try out anything. Even if they were trained, they think outside the box. They like to think "what if" and that is what we grown ups have a hard time with because we may already know the "what ifs" or we just don't like to open up our minds to their ideas. Don't worry. Every kid goes through that. Who knows, you could have been worse as a kid. :D
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29 Aug 10
Haha, I know I was! Believe me my mother doesn't let me forget that everytime I call complaining about the "what if" of the day my son decided to try out on me lol