ways to impress someone u like

August 29, 2010 1:52pm CST
How to impress someone you like??? share your thoughts about this and i really want to understand the secret behind impressing someone
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@tatturoy (139)
• India
29 Aug 10
impressing someone has no set theory.it changes from time to time or rather person to person.it totally depends on the person you want to impress.
• Pakistan
29 Aug 10
first impression is the last impression. first of all give your first impression good to help him in something or help her/his parents. describe your self a good person in first impression. do something good.describe your self trustful.praise that you r looking good or good dress. don,t break her/his trust in any dealing. give him importance. take her/his side. give some gifts. and the most important judge him that what he thinking about you don,t act like joker. some people are imitable if you give him more importance and always go behind him he will become narrow if he/she imitable then keep your self little far from him. that your value will not down. . and don,t told him in first or second meeting that you are like him or u love him. and slowly slowly take him in confidence. keep your self away from smoking, drinking, or bad company. and if you love him then don,t left girls or boys front of him.
@dogsnme (1266)
• United States
29 Aug 10
I say worry more about being yourself than about trying to impress. Often, when a person tries to impress soemeone else they go to great lengths to behave or dress in a way that they don't normally. In other words, they, in a sense, try to be something or someone they are not. I'm more impressed and attracted to people who choose to be themselves rather than act or dress in a way that doesn't fit their personality. It may even be that the person you are trying to impress won't be interested no matter what you do. You simply can't please everyone. So, just be yourself.
@busybee10 (3191)
• India
29 Aug 10
[b]To make some one to love us and extend their help towards us is something which happens o9nly through movements and actions. First of all our character should be of high quality,this will play 80 % of the role in impressing others and some percentage of selflessness works too. So it is a mix of all these positive qualities which bind up and make a solid impress. This is what I think - because it has worked for me in several occasions.[/b]