About relationship

August 29, 2010 6:31pm CST
I heard a story about this two couple they been together with in 16 years, then one day they decide to maried, then after one year there wedding they are divorce, the girl leave the guy. this nigth i got a big question in my head WHY????????.
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• United States
29 Aug 10
It's probably because they weren't living in the same house before they got married. But if they were, it might have been because one of them cheated. Or they just argued a lot and the wife got tired of it. There are a lot of possible reasons, but those are my best guesses. It just be they weren't meant to be together.
• Norway
29 Aug 10
maybe your rigth.. but very strange to think that they been together with in 16 years since that time they are not married, but when they been married they only stay together in a one year, so maybe its wrong to be married?
• United States
30 Aug 10
Sometimes people change. It happened to me I was together with a guy I dated for 5 years. We got married a year later we went on 2 different paths. I ask myself, this game of life where will you take me next?