Who do you predict will win Superbowl 45?

@Aurone (4758)
United States
August 29, 2010 6:33pm CST
Will the Saints get a repeat? I hear a lot of buzzing about Dallas being up to win this year. According to Vegas odds The Colts, Saints, Cowboys, Chargers, Packers and Patriots are the early favorites to win this year with a columnist on NFL.com supporting these choices by commenting that the Ravens, Patriots, Colts, Chargers, Packers, Cowboys, Saints and 49ers should win their respective divisions this year. I hope the Saints will win but if not I'll take the Cowboys for a win as well. What do you think? Who do you hope will win the superbowl?
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@stringer321 (3542)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
29 Dec 12
In my country, Israel, we have a soccer league and one of the soccer teams called "macabi haifa" is a very respected team. That team won many games in the past and won some seasons as the 1st team. I remember that team also lost to some bottom teams and this season, Macabi Haifa is one of the worst teams. Maybe the trainer or the players have problems with the strategy of how to win the games. Maybe it's a lack of money and efforts, Maybe they were sure they are the best around... The games themselves can have a great impact on the team. Some players may injure but keep playing (even if they destroy the game for the team). Some players can make mistakes and get banned from some next games. It is hard to tell what will happen during the season.