Cyberlove and Online Dating

August 30, 2010 7:53am CST
i am pretty sure that some of you have fallen in love with someone over the internet. I must admit that i do have a crush but i am usually cynical about romances developed over the net. My question is, have you ever confided this to any of your family member? Or to your friends? Do you keep it as a secret? May i know why? If you dont tell it to anyone, does that mean that that relationship is a forbidden love? Is it something that you are ashamed of? Is it wrong to have an internet love affair? Or is it something that you are not that confident that it would work out?
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• India
30 Aug 10
Hello beta I always tell my cyber friends, that this space is an 'world of illusion', full of cheats, so no love affair here!! It is better not to trust any, chat on cam, best thing always have affairs with a local guy only.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
• United States
30 Aug 10
who is it, Gracie? Promise I won't tell. ;) I wouldn't be ashamed of it, just wouldn't want to hear the reaction :D
@jimeny (640)
• Israel
30 Aug 10
Hmm... that's a good subject for a discussion... I guess I'll share from my experience. Couple years ago I had an online relationship with someone from over seas, and it seemed like it was going well. I even managd to tell my parents about it (though I didn't dare to tell anyone else after I saw their reaction to it) Unfortunately, that person disappeared after six months, and when I later txted him asking whether he wanted to continue the relationship- I received a reply which told me it was over. I was very sad, and I cried for some time, but I got over it. After a year or so, he messaged me again, and we enjoyed talking so I agreed to give him a second chance after he told me his reasons for breaking up with me. (as in- depression, lack of patient till he could see me, etc...) So it was fine for quite some time though I did tell him the feelings I had the first time are not there as intense as it was anymore, but we made plans to meet and get together. And then, he disappeared again... this time- I was ready for it, so I cut all my ties with him, and didn't answer his texts, calls or messages. I felt like he was just playing, and I didn't feel like staying in such relationship. Anyway, my conclusion is- Online relationship is far worse that a real life one. In a real life relationship you get to see the person you're with, you get to touch that person, feel that person, know that person personally... in an online relationship, it's just too easy to lie. Since then, I only had real life relationships, and believe me, I am much happier than I was back then.
@syvels (258)
• Philippines
30 Aug 10
did you start this discussion coz u'r falling in love with someone over the net? well, it is possible.. however, get to know the person first, like set up a meeting, talk to the person, and check if you still want him after the meeting.. :D
@xenoyosh (121)
30 Aug 10
woah with the questions there. For one I don't think that it is a big issue. Love can be found anywhere in the world in any form and any circumstance. No matter how you have met it should not be an issue. Although there are a lot of fears to loving someone you have not met personally, that can be remedied bye a simple EB..