What's your take on your country's educational system?

@diutay (1315)
August 30, 2010 11:58am CST
I just got finished an online class with a student. We talked about so many things, one of which was about the state of the educational system in their country. She would like to study the educational system of other countries and later on, she would like to work hard on effecting a change in her own country. She said that in their system, the system is very competitive that kids don't have time to play anymore. There is too much focus on the academics to the point that the other aspects are overlooked.She said she wants to have a system where kids are encouraged to be more independent, creative and would have more balance. How about the one in your country? What can you say about the educational system in your place. Are satisfied with it? Is there any change that you would like to do? Which country do you think has a very good system of education? Thanks.
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