Globe trotting

August 30, 2010 12:33pm CST
Today's internet world has spread knowledge far and wide and one would have fairly good idea of what to expect of a visit to any particular place wherever in the world. Doesn't this take away the fun of exploration by self? Imagine your mind excited and all agog to see new things and places in the new place when you plan a travel! Is the fun still alive?
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• Quezon City, Philippines
31 Aug 10
for me it actually adds to the excitement. a sneak peak leaves me anticipating and craving for more. it's also a good way to prepare or avoid problems with the travel, so you're sure that everything's going to turn out okay and FUN on your vacation. i always like to check my destination online because anyways even if i'd already seen it on the internet, i'm sure seeing the place in actual would still be so much better. up close, it would still be breath-taking. ^_^
@MeNme1 (125)
• United States
30 Aug 10
It depends on someone's reaction. Someone might have and idea on what the place look like but wanted to see it in person. Look at the movie star that the person idolize, why they still want to see them in person? Curiosity is the answer, even the person have an idea what the place look like they still want to go there to see it personally. Having an idea wont stop the person's excitement.