What would you do?

United States
August 30, 2010 1:57pm CST
This might sound like the most outlandish post in mylot history... My neighbor came over last nite to hang out and watch some Big Brother!!! A commecial about AIDS awareness came on and we started letting our minds wander and talking about it. The question came up that if one of our husbands were to contract the virus (not through any fault of their own, like a dirty hospital needle or something) would we still sleep with them? Haha I know it's a crazy question but this is what happens when you get two bored army wives together lol. So would you? This is a tuff question because there would be so many different determining factor for me anyway. Like the fact that we have kids! I wouldn't want us both to contract it and then leave our children with NO PARENTS! On the other hand I love my husband dearly and that would never change, and I wouldn't want to take away from his quality of life. Hmmmm... Dumb question? Maybe! But I'm curious, what would you do?
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@UmiNoor (3594)
• Malaysia
2 Oct 10
This is a tough one, soldierswifee. I guess I would leave it up to my husband. I'm sure he would be aware of the consequences of sleeping with him when he has AIDS. If he loves me and our children, he wouldn't ask for something that would bring risk to his loved ones. But I would definitely not leave him. I would see him through to the end. That is what we've promised each other when we got married.
• United States
31 Dec 10
Definately stand by your man girl! It makes me so happy to hear other couples say that. The majority of our married life has been in a military setting. All too often we've seen friend's call it quits. :( Marriage is forever, in sickness and health, in poorness and wealth lol
@lowloy (316)
• United States
30 Aug 10
if i loved my souce then i would. a person cannot aquire aids just by sleeping with someone. if it was not any fault of ther own than they might be dissappointed if you did not sleep with your spouce. they might wonder now you do not love me even if it is not my fault. i am notgay but we need to think of the other person's feelings.
• United States
30 Aug 10
Who said anything about being gay? lol
@laglen (19782)
• United States
7 Sep 10
There are safety measures you can take and still be intimate with your husband. I would do that. There are unfortunate circumstances. I love my man and so yes I would take the extra effort so we could be intimate. Good question by the way.