Love marriage or arrange marriage

August 31, 2010 5:44am CST
which is better Love marriage or arrange marriage? Why? Your views on these please. One of my friend had love marriage and always there is a always misunderstanding between husband and wife. My relative had a arranged marriage and she is suffering from misunderstanding and small cause is resulting in quarrel & divorce. What is your view? Is there anything you can share here please.
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@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
31 Aug 10
Hello bhagavadgita.....I am an indian like you. I am married and have big children now. From all the experiences of life that I have lived till today, I have leanrt that system of marriage in India is such that it is very difficult to achieve an ideal marriage. Marriage is something where two unknown people have to spend whole life together and that is why they should know each other very well from in and out before marriage. Only then you can make right decision to find right life partner For this we should follow the western method where boy and girl live like married couple before marriage for some time. They share everything just like married couple which is called living in relationship. During this period they see the real picture of their partner and then decide if they can really spend the whole life with each other or not and accordingly they either get married or break-up with each other.This does not mean that now they are enemies. They still remain friends and start looking for another person till they can really find the ideal life partner for them. Now in our country in India, will they ever allow this.......the answer is BIG NOOOOOOOOO. Still people get married and live happily in India as they are bound by commitments and adjustments. This will never change, so all that I can say is marriage is like a game.....if you are lucky you will win ..or else you will learn to live with what ever you have in you share. BEST OF LUCK.