Have you taken care of your funeral?

United States
August 31, 2010 9:53am CST
Now a days families can pre arrange or pay in advance for their funerals. This eliminates the expense of having to use your life insurance (which was meant for the people left behind) and eliminates having to leave your wife with a large expense (67% of the time the husband passes before the wife). Did you also know that above ground entombment is sometimes even less than a regular ground burial?? Do you have a preference or whether to put be buried in the ground or entombed above ground? Why did you choose that? Religious reasons? Family history? Did you know that when you choose a ground burial that you must (in some places) purchase a burial vault? Do you know why you need to buy a vault? Most people think it is to protect the casket but it's actually to protect the grave from sinking. So it's a hidden expense that the cemetery makes you pay for so they don't have to pay to fill the graves each year. With above ground entombment, there is no costly vault to purchase (a low end concrete vault can run you about $1,500). Did you know historically, that mausoluem entombment has been the most desired form of burial? I would love to get your takes on funerals, pre arrangement, and mausoleum entombment.
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