Should Marijuana be legalized and if so, what efects, and age would be legal?

United States
August 31, 2010 12:15pm CST
This is a topic I see all the time on the net and in the news. But I never see if it was legal as to what age should it be legal to smoke it? Yes when I was younger I did smoke it for over 10 years. I am not a liar and really I do not see any harm it has ever done to me. I still made a decent life and I am still very well educated. So I do not think it makes you stupid. I think laziness makes the person stupid who doesn't push themselves in life. But I do hear it effects others differently so this is form my own experiences of it. I have now been off marijuana now for over 10 years and do no drugs. I do not even drink alcohol anymore. As for if it was legal and what age? I would say 18 years old, and only in you're own home to use it. Not on the streets or driving just to be safe. I even think it has allot of positive effects to help some people to relax and even help with some people anger issues. I have seen a few people with bad ager issues that it has helped. But if you would tell us all if you can be honest about it? Has it effected you in good ways or bad ways? I would like to hear more peoples thoughts on this entire issue.
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