do you fall in love easily?^^ i fall so easy ahah well depends if the guy is so

girl love boy much - girl jumps in love
August 31, 2010 3:22pm CST
hi guys^^ do you fall in love easily? ahah i do if im single sure and no bf^^ if i have i dont look to guys as bfs^^ but if dont and a guy is too sweet and really caring and is funny and makes me happy i fall ahah what about you girls? you also fall in love easy? and about you guys? you dont fall so easy like us girls right?^^
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
31 Aug 10
I guess that I would say I can fall in love easily. Since I am still single, if a nice looking girl come talk to me often, and we do spend most of the time together, I would definitely fall for her. That also depend her personality though.
• Portugal
31 Aug 10
aww great to read that ahah^^ that means you are a sweet guy^^ bcs guys dont usually fall so easy for girls. most part always act too careless when they get what they want. anyway dont worry for sure you find soon your girl bcs you are a caring guy for what i can see :) so sad that not all guys are like you :( me always a guy says he loves me i always end up caring more. anyway i wish i find my right guy soon^^ caring and sweet and funny too ahah ^^
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
1 Sep 10
I think I do not fall in love so easily. Most of the time I kind of try to block my heart with my thoughts and that is what I usually do. Funny as I was talking about this with my officemates and they all agreed that someone when your mind is ready, you have set it to accept love - it will only even think of love when you are free to accept but when you close your mind... then i think it will not even entertain the idea of a love... But on the topic, i think it is easy for girls to fall in love if the person they are with is someone they have always wanted... I just always put in my mind to fall in love with the person, in front of me not the person or the lover in my head - because when that comes, then the relationship is bound not to last.
@fherfher (259)
• Philippines
1 Sep 10
I am not easy to fall. I don't know why. Maybe because im setting standard for my man. I just had one serious relationship but didn't work. And until now, i am on the process of healing my broken heart. BTW, we just broke a couple of months ago.
@shearry18 (118)
• Davao, Philippines
1 Sep 10
I don't fall in love so easily. I am actually close with boy friends rather than girl friends. It is because for me, boys are fun to be with rather than girls {sorry girls;) Maybe this is the reason why I don't fall that easy because I'm used to have boy friends. I also want to make sure that I fall in love with the right guy.The one that I truly care so that my time won't be wasted.
• China
1 Sep 10
I never fall in love easily. Even though Im not single now,I always choose GF carefully. Girls who is too sweet and beautiful can attract me actually,but I consider that character and interest are more important for me.