I feel sorry for my girl!!

August 31, 2010 5:06pm CST
My female Staffy (Josie) is heavily pregnant to our boy staffy (Boof)...I took Josie for a walk on Saturday like I do every day as I believe she should be fit to give birth just like us & this was the first day she had to have her walk cut short as she is too big - she wanted to sit down & have a rest half way through our walk ...I am still walking her but not that far - at least not until after she gives birth now - she is due in the next week or 2. Boof keeps playfully picking on her as he always does in the week or so leading up to the birth & she gives him a good hiding for it ...she is also sticking to me like glue like she always does leading up to the birth as she knows I sit wth her when she goes into labor & stay up half the night until all the puppies are born. I know this sounds mean but I just can't wait until all the puppies are old enough to be in their new homes so I can get Josie neutered as she came into season before I could get her fixed this time. Keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting about Josie again after she has given birth.
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
1 Sep 10
Oh, it must be really hard for her to carry that huge belly. I wish she will get thru pregnancy without problems and she will give birth to healthy puppies. I hope you will soon find owners for all the puppies, so she can become the sportive dog she used to be.
• Australia
2 Sep 10
Yeah, I agree it has to be hard carrying all those puppies...I know what it's like carrying 1 child so I don't know how she can cope with carrying 6-8!