what is your prediction for the future?

August 31, 2010 8:13pm CST
seeing of today's situation, global warming, all kinds of pollution, war, terrorists etc., will lead to continued devastation of the earth and everything that is in it. earth will be history. Otherwise if we act on something for the good of the earth and mankind, we and our children's children will probably live with a better peaceful life. I hope i would still be alive when that disaster or harmony arise.
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• Philippines
1 Sep 10
It is sad that the world that we have decades ago is not the world that we have now in terms of peace. If only we stop the greed and the senseless killings then it will be heaven on earth for all of us. I hope I could live to see that day.
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
1 Sep 10
considering just what had happen today, just like u too i agree that sooner or later the earth will vanished and remain a history. It is our responsibility to make the earth better, but the damage has been done. and you can see in every part of the world that many people still careless even they had see the global warming .
• United States
1 Sep 10
I believe the future will be harmonious, unless it ends in 2012.. Reason being is that I'm seeing the market rise. The houses are slowly becoming more expensive and hundreds of new companies are starting to open; although a small percentage are still going out of business. The last infantry unit left Iraq so now the budgets are only going to Afghanistan. And once the war is over, our huge debt can be paid. So far terrorism has been decreasing. In terms of global warming, I don't believe we can do anything about it. Scientist proved that humans only account for about .3% of carcinogens that enter the atmosphere, and proved global warming is a natural process the world goes through. This is supported by the Holocene Maximum period (the hottest time in the Earth's history). It occurred 12,000 years ago which was way before factories and automobiles were built. They say CO2 is too dense to rise high enough in the atmosphere to cause the greenhouse effect and that H20 is held accountable. Have a great day silvertongue! Good discussion. I wish you the best.