If were hired to create a reality tv show ..what would you call your show and

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August 31, 2010 8:34pm CST
If a hollywood producer would come knocking on your door and ask you if you would create a new reality show ..what would you show be called? What would it be about?
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@burrito88 (2779)
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2 Sep 10
I don't like so called reality shows because many of them are scripted. The few shows I do like are shows like Survivorman or Ice Road Truckers. In Survivorman, Les Stroud spends a week showing how to survive in real life situations. He's does everything including filming himself and carrying his camera equipment with him. This makes his show more acceptable to me than Man vs Wild where Bear Grilz travels with a camera crew, which occasionally helps him and would be there if he got into real trouble. If I were to do a reality show, it might be like Survivors but I would put several people in different locations alone. They would hve to survive by themselves with possibly a camera crew there to film each and to insure safety.
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4 Sep 10
What would you call such a show ..were you ever really given an opportunity to create such a show ..of survival?
@burrito88 (2779)
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6 Sep 10
For several years we've had the show Survivors which takes several people and puts them into 'tribes' and are placed ususally in different tropical places. Initially they have to work as groups to learn how to survive but it's a competition where one by one the survivors are eliminated until there is a winner. Thus the peolpe work together but also lot against each other to try to win. To me real survival would put the contestants alone in different areas to see how long they can survive alone before giving up. I actually saw a show somewhat like this where there was a man who tried to live alone in Northern Canada for I think it was three months. He filmed himself and his only contact with the outside was a cell phone that he occasionally used to sayhe was alright. This situation proved too difficult for him as he had to work had to find food (the lake he was near had few fish nearby) and he had few animals around to hunt. He also became more and more terrified that he would be attacked by a bear. He also could not handle the loneliness, so between hunger, fear, and loneliness he gave up before he had planned to. I guess this show makes me wonder if I could do it. I think I could handle the loneliness but I'm not sure about the hunting for food (and maintaining a good diet) or the worry about bears. Of course I would probably miss my laptop (lol).