Make everyday a family day!

September 1, 2010 12:56am CST
The family is the most integral part of the society. It is the foundation in which our society is based upon. As such, the development and strength of the family is crucial to social development. And yet, as the years went by, the bond of the family weakens. People became more independently self-driven that some of us only remember our family during occasions. Take for example the time we spend on our family. Most families are busy on weekdays and sometimes even on weekends doing our personal stuff, work, study, etc. But let us not forget to allot time for our family, if only on breakfast or dinner. Make time to update each other about our day, our problems, our personal plans. These are also perfect times to plan vacations and weekend activities. Or you can watch the TV together after dinner. It will allow bonding time and at the same time guide our children on things they watch and seen on TV. Let us rebuild and strengthen our families. It is our solution to develop better citizens and individuals which will in turn help in the betterment of our society. Make everyday a family day.
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@cream97 (29167)
• United States
2 Sep 10
Hi, astreadido. I have enjoyed reading your discussion. Having a family day is a very wonderful thing to always make time for. No matter how busy my family and I are, we always make time for each other very often. We don't ignore, each other. We always try to spend quality time together whenever possible.
@akn1961 (1035)
• India
2 Sep 10
we earn for ourself and for our family hence it is important that self and family is always happy hence your idea for family day is wonderful ,thanks for sharing.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
2 Sep 10
I agree with you. My family is my sole source of strength. I live for them, I share with them my joys, my tears, my dreams,and my goal in life is to make every moment of my life with them.I love my family!
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
1 Sep 10
Hi, I wish everyday is a family day for me,but it seem impossible as during weekdays,my husband has to go work and my son has to attend his halfday nursery class. So only during weekend or public holiday,then we will have chance to spent our family times together. Sometimes, we will just laze at home,play together and have fun at home. It is also our bonding moments on weekend whereby my husband will have more time to spent together with our son.
• India
1 Sep 10
Good discussion, I love my family very much because family is crucial part of our life they help you every time whether in good or bad time.