Skin tight cloth

September 1, 2010 1:41am CST
There is new fashion in girls & boys that they are use skin tight jeans & top. But when i saw any girls or boy which are in skin tight cloth than 1 ? in my mind that, how they really wear & how they make confirt for self.
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• Canada
6 Sep 10
I haven't seen many guys wear that.. I'm a girl and I don't wear skin tight tops, I don't think that's in style unless you mean tank tops. When your wearing those they actually don't feel tight, I guess they just look that way. Skinny jeans aren't actually uncomfortable. Most of them are stretch skinny jeans. Since they can stretch they're very comfortable depending on where you get them and how much you pay. Trust me I'm someone who won't wear clothes that are uncomfortable.
• United States
1 Sep 10
Skin tight jeans for instance is not healthy, although many do not think about this it is really bad on our psyatic nerves. Many suffer peripheral nerve damage and do not realize it is from the ever so tight jeans. Stretchable jeans for one are great but then there are those that wear them a size too small and I can not wonder but to think if they can actually breathe with the jeans being so tight. Geez.