Pakistan Media is making sure to create new issues between India & Pak, why?

September 1, 2010 8:56am CST
I read news story that Pakistan Media is saying - Pakistan should not accept Indian aid even through UN. They do not want aid of $5 million for flood victims in Pakistan even if it comes through UN, why are they so rigid about humanity? issues between two countries are old and still in discussion, both the countries are willing to move ahead with the positive process towards issue resolution but media is not playing positive. If goverment of both the nations are responsible enough and taking steps to come forward why should Pak media oppose this? I do not understand this at all as to what they want, Kashmir is not going anywhere where it is but they will keep asking same thing.
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• United States
3 Sep 10
It seems there will Always be people who want to hate. They want to keep old feuds alive. I think it is great that India wants to help Pakistan I hope The Pakistani government Knows that pride is smaller than kindness.
• India
6 Sep 10
India has been very supportive to mankind and humanity but our neighbour's has never respected boundries. We expext them to learn from own mistakes and move forward with friendship with India. Thank You for sharing.