Have you ever played an online Survivor game?

September 1, 2010 9:26pm CST
Survivor is one of the most popular reality show on TV, and it's also a great game to play. There are a lot of Survivor online games on the web, where you get to vote off other people from your tribe and in the end you become the sole survivor. There's no price money, but you can get pleasure from playing the game. Lying, manipulating, backstabbing! I have been playing online Survivor games since 2004, and I was wondering if any of you play them as well. Survivor 21 is coming up, and a new online Survivor game is also starting at survivoreliminationgame.com. It's one of the site I frequent. It's been running since 2004, and we have lots of great Survivor players on the site. The challenges won't be physical though, since it will be based on "picks", or your guesses on the outcome of the show each week. But the strategy is there. Check the site out if you want to try playing Survivor online!
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