adolf hitler

September 2, 2010 9:02am CST
Everyone knows about Adolf Hitler the dictator of GERMANY during World war II. Most of them have heard about his cruel behaviour to the people but there really some good characters of ADOLF HITLER. 1.He doesn't take alcohol(beer rarely) 2.He had only one spouse(which is the best thing during those days) 3.He is highly patriotic. share your good views about him.
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@anklesmash (1416)
30 Oct 12
Your forgetting that he was nice to his dog,and the NAZIs enacted legislation against animal cruelty. Though a few decent character traits is nothing in comparison to the evil he and his followers did.I also find it surprising that you cited his patriotism as a virtue,whilst I have nothing against patriotism and I love my country.I believe patriotism has its limits which Hitler passed he loved his country to the exclusion of other Human beings who he was willing to exterminate for the benefit of his country.I personally believe there's nothing good to be said about him and the things he stood for.
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
2 Sep 10
He was a good orator, because he convinced so many people to join him and his beliefs. He was a good painter also, many of his paintings are highly appreciated. He was very persevering, because he has stuck to his plan till the very ending. I don't know what else to write here, I guess everything is here what his good characteristics is regarding.
• Philippines
2 Sep 10
Some people just open their mouth on to someone without even a single idea why.. I mean, if you don't know anything then why open your mouth? Hitler maybe "evil" to some people because of the so-called "morality" issue, if such a word does exists. Some people would say something nice to him because they saw some thing in that person which they would say is a nice thing to say. You call him evil for he killed hundreds or millions of people, how do you call those "crusaders" who massacred millions of people also? why focus on him that there are more people who killed more people than him.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
2 Sep 10
maybe he was just misunderstood.... lolz..... i think i don't have a reason to like him, more than i have reasons not to like him..... but i have to admit, i hate the bad things he had done. but let's let God judge this man....
@wiggles18 (2523)
• Canada
2 Sep 10
I heard he was also a vegetarian. And, that when he was young, he had hopes of being a priest. I also liked his mustache, it was pretty cool. I bet if enough people see this discussion, there will be some very angry comments, so, be prepared ;A