Can LOve Be taught?

@len1415 (195)
September 2, 2010 9:11am CST
Can you really force yourself or someone to fall in love? What if you were set up to love or marry the guy/gal you hated most, would you still give it a try?
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• Portugal
5 Sep 10
aw god. love cant be forced thats for sure. love is something that or happens or doesnt happen. marry someone without love or be with someone without love is very bad bcs noone can be happy. we all deserve to be with someone that loves us as much as we love them. love is something that we cant learn but something that happens alone^^ feelings cant be forced :) about me or i love or i dont love but be with someone without love no^^
@mlhervas (482)
• Philippines
3 Sep 10
You can't force someone to love or somebody to love you. Love is just a natural force of nature. It can eventually occur or develop when two persons are always together. Sharing the same happiness and experiences.
• India
2 Sep 10
Ya i would like to give it a try because you just can,t judge any1 completely without spending time with him/her...but you can't force any1 to fall in love even not yourself
2 Sep 10
Sometimes love can be thought. Through years it can be done. They say heart is the hardest part of the body that can be trained and thought, because it can't be control by the brain. But i believe brain wont teach you to love someone. Its the experience itself will show you how will you love a person who set up you up. Because only time will set up and find the way for to accept the fact that you have no choice but to love that person
2 Sep 10
I rarely do sth I'm forced to do cuz I'm free spirit n as for love, it's more impossible!