How does You Tube Work

September 2, 2010 9:41pm CST
How does the site exactly work, does they pay us for uploading videos, do they charge for downloading videos. I have tried to download videos from you tube, but I was not able to do that, how is it done.
2 responses
• India
7 Sep 10
This is a video tutorial on how to download movies, music, and software....downloading by using a vpn. is gone but you can use..10 people personally that do the same, and they've never had problems... i know about movies and music, I've never been able to get games or application to work. "They aren't getting paid for the public performance in a download because there is no public performance in a download."
• Philippines
3 Sep 10
You need to download a youtube downloader to be able to download videos in youtube. This tool can be found int the web and downloaded for free. Downloading videos as well as uploading them in youtube is free. Hope I was able to help you.