Is globalisation really necessary ??

September 3, 2010 12:08am CST
Globalisation has become the latest buzz word, used in any & every context. In international discourses, both official & non official, & more so within the last decade & so. Globalisation is not a natural phenomenon like an earthquake or hurricane - occurences in nature which, whether they can be foretold or not, cannot be averted, but have to be endured. Is really globalisation necessary for the growth of the country ???
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• India
3 Sep 10
yes i think if you really want to survive in this fast world you should be globalise your self and your nation.i think india is already in globalisation..but it was little late for india too in this.that is why are lacking behind some what in the world..!!i think it is really necessary for the growth of any nation...!!
@ynahh1 (454)
3 Sep 10
of course...globalization is necessary for world development.through it we learn different aspect of technology brought by it and we communicate the entire nation.we are being update in the news all over the world.