Many Discussion regarding CASHGOPHER has been started within 2 days !!!

September 3, 2010 12:15am CST
I have seen that within two days many many discussions regarding CASHGOPHER has started. That means many of us has been in a point of confusion regarding this new earning opportunity. Even i have also started a discussion regarding cashgopher !! Also i have a problem here , please answer this. I have downloaded the software from the browser GOOGLE CHROME , and i have not yet faced any problem , after installing the software , it asked me to sign in , and i did that, but after signing in nothing came but only a small icon is placed in the top right startup bar. And further if i am restarting the computer, the software is automatically starting without asking my sign in details. So just wanna confirm is this all happening normal?
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• Indonesia
4 Sep 10
CashGopher i don't know..need time and approve
• India
4 Sep 10
I think you are right , but lets see what is in the future of it . It is doing well in USA and Canada portion but not in the asian countries. Hope will do well here too.
• China
7 Sep 10
It's normal, it sign in automaticlly under your account
• India
3 Sep 10
You can go through the FAQ of cash gopher to get detailed descriptions. There is no doubt about cash gopher. It is started. Every 24 hours it updates the account status. By log-in one can see the details.Promotion is a good way for earning in cash gopher. So I have placed a banner in my profile page at mylot. It is the same one showing the mylot home page.