how a student life should be

September 3, 2010 7:26am CST
we normally think that a student should be studious....... but now a days student are not enjoying their studies.... so what should a student do so that he enjoy his studies and also enjoy his life please share your opinion.......
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• India
5 Sep 10
well in student life, there must be some studies and lot enjoyments......
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
I dont know if there's a certain standard a student should have for him or her to have this kind of life or whatever it is but I think it depends on the situation on how a student is able to handle a situation. I have friends who always drank even on school nights and they didnt study that much but they still pass.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
4 Sep 10
Well obviously, trying to study all of the time is not something that should really be recommended. After all, if you do the same thing day in and day out, no matter what, you're going to suffer some kind of burnout for sure. So it is best to pace yourself when you study. So you have enough to lead a productive life, but also have enough free time. In the end, different levels of pacing work best for different students. Some students will have to study for a couple more hours to get the results that they consider to be satisfactory. Other students are going to study for a fraction of that time. Still, there should be some degree of balance, to make things run as smoothly as possible.
• United States
3 Sep 10
It is not to say a student should only study 24/7 as it has to be very difficult with so many distractions available today. However a student has to remember the reason why he or she is studing and keep telling themselves that x number of years are gong to go by anyway, whether they want them to or not. So basically the studying will end and the payoff will we well worth it. So I would recommend that there is nothing wrong with a little fun now, study and study hard. Later you can enjoy life to the fullest with a great education under your belt.
@dealerlv (264)
• Latvia
3 Sep 10
I am a student and I havea pretty busy time. I have little time for fun. My free time I use all the 100 percent. I think that students have busy time. Much to teach that did not interest. This is reason why I do not go to all the lectures. Student life is interesting.
• Finland
3 Sep 10
Im in high school my self... and im so bored on studying... I hate reading books.If the school were in internet and books could be readed there too, then my life would be much easier...and i would enjoy it. Then i don't have to go for a lessons, listening their boring talking...
@gerald_lian (2192)
• Australia
3 Sep 10
I think life as a student should be balanced academically as well as socially. A student should know their responsibilities as a student, so even if they do not enjoy studying, they still have to study because it is their obligation to their parents after their parents have spent so much on their education. But on the other hand, a student should not only study all the time and neglect hanging out with friends and doing physical activities. Neglecting one's social life can end up in social isolation and sometimes even depression. But again, not too much attention should be given to socializing that studies are abandoned and forgotten. Moderation is the key to the best outcomes in life and that's how a student's life should be, to optimize the experience as a student......