@len1415 (195)
September 3, 2010 10:33am CST
Have you ever dreamed of someone that you have not yet seen in-person your whole life? I had so many dreams like that, like there is a person who seemed very close to me on that certain dream, like we've known each other for so long, yet when I woke up I can't even recognize his face or remember meeting him somewhere in my real world...It can't be a product of my imagination, definitely! Well, I just wonder, would it be possible that the stranger in my dream is also out there, alive and existing in another part of this world? Any idea?
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@dapers (51)
7 Sep 10
It's possible. But it is also possible that that is just a figment/mixture of your imagination. Sometimes you might even get to meet them... and later call it deja-vu.
@gnomeland (421)
3 Sep 10
hi, i often have a similar dream when i am in a loving relationship with a man but he either never shows his face or i do not know this person in real life. it is strange to have a happy relationship with a stranger but i am sure we are not the only ones with such dreams.great question though, thanks.