September 3, 2010 11:06am CST
when armageddon comes what is the fist thing that you will do.?
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@aerous (13471)
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
No one will know when armagedon comes, my friend only God. But as far as I know base on the bible. All sign that armgedon or the end of the earth is all done... calamities, famine, wars, crimes and more...
• Pakistan
7 Sep 10
i agree with you. that all sign that Armageddon is all done.
@Avinigav (238)
• Indonesia
6 Sep 10
Great...I'll always prepare for that time and when it's come, I will be happy because all pain fron this world will end soon :)
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@babyimp (151)
• Estonia
4 Sep 10
I guess I'll get some warning say few hours. I'd go to the store and buy a boatload of caramel ice cream with creme brulee and french fries. Then I'd sat down somewhere with Terry Pratchett's 'Good Omen' and will see how much the book differs from reality.
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• India
3 Sep 10
i think....................... i will feel asleep. or i take sleeping tablets and fall sleep. because when the stone falls over the head, it wont pain. ha ha ha ...
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