A feminine hygiene discussion

@olisaur (1932)
United States
September 3, 2010 12:01pm CST
I really hate having a period. It's not that I get cramps or swollen or moody but it's just so irregular. I've never taken medication, so I know it's my natura; rhythm to be that way. But it just so happens that EVERY time I get invited to a pool party, my period starts the day (or two) before. I'm going to one Saturday (tomorrow), and it just started yesterday. I've never worn a tampon before, but I may just resort to it. In the times before, I've just sat out and claimed to have forgotten my bathing suit or something, but it's just so humiliating! Have you ever dealt with periods and going in water?
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
28 May 11
Hi. olisaur. If my menstrual cycle came on the day before or on the day that I was going to get into the pool, I will not go into the pool water at all. Especially, if I was planning on being around so many people. I always feel embarrassed when my menstrual cycle comes on while I am in the water.
• United States
24 Sep 10
Just let me start off by saying, that depending on your age, you really should talk to your doctor about that fact that your periods have not developed a regular cycle. It is normal for the first few years of menstruation to be unpredictable, but they should even out and become at least semi-regular over some time. Not trying to worry you or make you think something is wrong, but it is worth getting checked out by a dr. as they could be underlying factors that could cause bigger problems later on in life. But onto your topic of discussion. I DOES suck when your period decides to pop up and interrupt some plans or fun events, as it can be such a hassle to have to worry about that when all you want to do is go swimming or camping with your friends. But you don't have to let it cramp (no pun intended) your style! I'd say give tampons a try if you really want to go swimming . Some women can't stand them, some women couldn't imagine getting along with out them (i am one of the latter. Again, if i may offer a recommendation, if you decide to try them for the first time, make sure you go with the lightest absorbency ones you can find (either lites or regulars) as using a high absorbency than your require can cause uncomfortableness. i see this is actually a discussion that is a few weeks old, so i hope you were able to enjoy your friends pool party!!
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3 Sep 10
Yeah, you'll be fine using a tampon. Don't worry. They don't hurt or anything like that (unless you're a virgin...? No, I don't even think that matters in this case). I personally prefer tampons to pads. Tampons completely prevent any mess, and you barely notice they're there. So, yeah -- use a tampon for water situations. Take it from a girl who was on the swim team ;)