Do you think most people use movies as a way to learn now and days?

United States
September 3, 2010 2:16pm CST
I surf allot of places and the more I look around I think people are actually using movies as source to learn things instead of school? I mean its funny when people make comments on movies about what is real or not and they are watching a movie like Ironman or the Hulk... Then I see other things like 100 things I learned form this movie? What the heck is that? lol! Is our children being to caught up in fake realities now and days? What do you think?
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• Philippines
6 Sep 10
Good day to you DreidMusicalX, I somewhat agree to your observation. I know many people, especially young ones, who are keen movie watchers. They also incorporate a lot of what they watch in real life. What I see as a bad thing, when you say "instead of school?", movies cannot replace school. But I think nobody would exactly learn that way. The good thing is, I for one keep watching movies in the English language, so I get something like a practice listening to English. In fact, I learn a lot from watching movies, especially those that make me think, not more on fiction movies. I won't even think I'll learn that way only. It cannot replace school, but there are certain things I learn from movies I never learn from school. My point is, I learn from everything, not just from one source. That would be my response for now, thank you for starting this discussion my friend. Roelsonguitar
@Joman122 (118)
• Canada
3 Sep 10
Hollywood Reality is not Real life reality. A friend of mine thinks that he knows how to do mixed martial arts, but he learned all of those moves from watching Asian Kung Foo. I asked him if he has had any classes but he said no. He did all of these moves at school which I found pretty funny. He also had a video on youtube of him fighting some other guy while he was drunk. Once, he attempted some sort of flying kick and almost hurt himself. He was the fool of 12th grade, thats how hes probably remembered as.
@KateVonP (172)
• United States
3 Sep 10
I don't really go to the movies to learn anything. I don't think that it is trying to be a substitute for anything. Maybe it shows you some life lessons depending on the movie but I don't think it teaches anything worthwhile. These days I go to the movies to see remakes of old movies since Hollywood doesn't seem to be creative enough to make up new movies. I just go to get out of the hassle of everyday life and watch something that'll make me laugh or cry or whatever else.