How to say you're so sorry?

September 3, 2010 7:38pm CST
It's almost 3 days that me and my grandmother are not in good terms.I'm living with her and it's really painful each day because she always ignore me. It seems that I'm not existing. The problem isn't that big, it's only misunderstanding and I didn't control my emotion so I uttered words that I know it definitely hurt her. I'm so paranoid because whatever I tried to do she would never bother to talk with me. The entire house now is very silent because there's only the two of us at home. Just this morning I really cried while heading the office. I know that asking apology would solve this all but how to do that? I never tried saying SORRy to her. Am I that wicked? Please help me, how to say these words,"I'm sorry." Thank you for sparing time in reading.
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• India
4 Sep 10
It is very easy abish, just hold her hand, look into her eyes, smile and say sorry. Give her a hug after that. All you know she is already waiting for you to do this. She must be equally sad as you are. Do it soon, and bring happiness into your lives.
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
I think that's really a good idea, thank you so much...
• United States
4 Sep 10
In an effort not to duplicate as I would have said almost the same response, I would add that you also add that perhaps she is not ready to forgive but that you want to also say I miss you grandma and this silence between us is making us both unhappy. Please forgive me and I will try harder to bring joy into both our lives, as I love you so. Good luck
• Philippines
6 Sep 10
Hi there Abish, I just hope this respond is not too late. Just simply utter the word sorry to her, it's just one word swallow your ego and pride. But of course you have to say it in a very sincere way and like you mean it. I know your grandma loves you maybe she just don't want to show it but deep with in her she already forgave you.
• United Arab Emirates
4 Sep 10
Firstly our elder never want any materialistic things so just go ahead and express your love to her and you should go and ask sorry. Otherwise might be this will be what you will regret the whole life. Secondly I have also gone through something like this but in my case they had more affection towards other kids and I was her daughters son, in life we see lots like that so just do what's best you can and saying sorry is not a big thing man :)
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
4 Sep 10
You can buy a small gift for her: a cake, a rose etc...then, you can say you was wrong. Don't very worry. Say "sorry" is easier than we image. Good luck!