Which Digital Camera should I buy for my sister

September 3, 2010 11:01pm CST
My siser already had a digital camera which I borrowed from her, when I was going for a trip. But unfortunately, I met with an accident at that place and the camera I borrowed from my sister broke into pieces, I had sholder displacement that time. I wanted to gift my sister a new digital camera which whould be advance then she previously had. She had Sony make DSC-W380. Which one should I gift her. It feels so bad, firstly take some thing and then not returning it.
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@dollar3235 (2063)
• India
4 Sep 10
Hi Kartiknaiduk, I hope you would have completely recovered from the accident. I am sure your sister would not think of the camera but she will certainly be worried about you if you are still recovering from the accident. However, as sisters are always very special, it is good that you are planning to gift her a camera. A few months back I had to buy a camera, while searching on Internet I got a few good URLs, hope these URLs will help you in buying a good camera: www.wikihow.com/Buy-a-Digital-Camera www.digital-photography-school.com/how-to-buy-a-digital-camera One more thing that you should have in your mind, in India, people have mindset that they will mostly buy Sony (www.sony.co.in) Digital camera as compared to any other camera. Therefore, if you have any doubt even after reading the above mentioned URLs, you should buy a good Sony camera, go to any nearby store where you can buy a Sony camera and check for the available models. Take care!
• India
11 Sep 10
Hey buddy, I have got the Sony h-55. It was a satisfactory piece according to me . I had all the functions as required. 14 mg pixel and 10x zoom and other features. My sister is happy again.
@ddrt1234 (46)
• Australia
25 Oct 10
If you need to buy a new digital camera don't be fooled by the megapixel. higher megapixel doesn't mean a better camera. is the combination of lens and mega pixel (which 4 meg is all you need) combined. Unfortunately the only way is to buy it look at the quality and if you are not happy with it, take it back for a refund. Also take the battery consumption in mind, as most of the cameras are designed to operate on 3volts(2x1.5), where as if you use rechargeable batteries, it(batteries) won't last long as they are only 2.4v(2x1.2).
@abrar11 (95)
• India
16 Sep 10
sony or nikon or fujifilm cameras are good
@egsunio (76)
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
I have been using a DSLR for a few years now and loving it. However, i wouldn't recommend it to someone who's not really into it. If you're sister is serious about photography, she can start with the basic DSLR like the Nikon D5000 or the Canon 550D. But if she wants a point and shoot, choose from any of the Canon cameras, they all can take images well from the high end G11's or S90's to the A-series powershots. It will depend on your budget. I would recommend the S90 though a little pricey. Good luck and get well soon.
@jennbart (1332)
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
I would suggest a Canon s90. I have one and its features are close to that of a dlsr already.:) I enjoy taking pictures from it and I get great feedback from other people.Maybe your sister might like it too!