Hi Cat-Lovers, have you seen the Cat's Revenge on BBC?

September 4, 2010 2:53am CST
Hello animal-lovers, I've just seen the BBC headlines. They have shown a rare video footage, not just of an old lady ill-treating a CAT, but also footage of the CAT'S REVENGE! What do you think of it? suryachalla *PS: Click Photo to enlarge. Here's a Picture of a Performing-Cat, jumping away through a hoop for its Master. This is a picture from Myanmar (Burma). Under The US or UN Animal Health and Development Law (it is not called an Act) an animal is defined at clause 2(a) Animal means domestic animal bred by man or captured for a certain purpose. This expression also includes the semen, ovum or embryo of the animal. The objective the Cat and Animal Protection Laws in Myanmar (Burma)includes animal protection but is wider ranging than that. Most people focus on animal protection. It is a short simply written Act, more a framework than the detailed legislation that we are familiar with in the West. Legislation is normally intended to cover as many eventualities as possible. That is why it is sometimes almost unreadable. That is not the case with Burma law.
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