Beware Of False Leadership On The Internet

@pillusch (1149)
September 4, 2010 2:06pm CST
People, online and offline, are yearning for leadership. They are looking for that one person that will inspire them, confirm their ambitions and guide them. I will in this post not address questions like whether leaders are ‘born’ or ‘made’, what characteristics and personality traits they need to posses, etc. Let it suffice to say that the world is crying out for leadership. With leadership comes up the word ‘team’ or ‘team effort’. That’s pretty big right now, teams springing up all over the Internet, working for a common goal. They are mostly promoting affiliate programs like GDI, Traffic Wave and others, where it is extremely difficult to make any kind of money at all if you are doing it on your own. A very smart concept. The leaders of these teams are on the whole pretty wise as far as business is concerned. They understand that by helping others to reach their goals they themselves will reap their rewards. They are technically savy, they know how to set up a program, consisting of promo pages, fori for communication, tracking tools and so on that are totally independent of the actual program they and their team promote. However, being at the top of a system like that does not mean that everybody ‘up there’ is a leader. Granted, a lot of them are, but then again, there are others who obviously are not. I’m not insinuating here that there are those who intentionally promote themselves as leaders, knowing that they are not. The question whether one is a leader or not is very difficult to answer for oneself. But the clamour I’ve come across for the support of ‘our leaders’, the continuous effort by a considerable part of the followers to extol their ‘leaders’ virtues, only serve to emphasize my initial point, that this world, and that includes the Internet, is suffering. from a lack of leadership. Beware, somebody running a program, any program, is not automatically a leader. That ‘title’ (or burden, if you prefer) has to be earned over a period of time that is considerably longer than the 6 to 12 month it takes for a program to take off.
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@T_Diamond (965)
• New Zealand
4 Sep 10
That is a very smart observation Pillusch. Thanks for sharing!