What kind of student you were/are?

September 4, 2010 4:25pm CST
I am at University now, in the third year of study. In the elementary school I was the best student in my class from the first till the eight grade. In High School I was in the first 7-8 students in my class, being better from year to year, although I studied less and less. It was a paradox, I think. In the University I was always the first one who didn't get to the free places, I mean those which are paid by the state. This means that I was 15th in the first year, 15th in the second year. It is a bit frustrating, but this is how it is and I have to accept it. So how about you? What kind of student are/were you?
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• United States
15 Oct 10
During my high school years I was a C to D student. School did not interest me. Since I have been going to University I graduated 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and was on the Dean's List. I am currently enrolled for my MBA and after 6 classes I am still running a 3.5 GPA. Wish I could have done this during my younger years!
@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
4 Sep 10
My years of studying are far away, but I stil remember how it was. Maybe your case is not a paradox. I was very good in school too. We don't have such a strict system of ranking but I was in the best group of my class. My father wanted me to be a good pupil and he was severe, so I had to do my best. In the university I had no such obligations and I was not in the best group. But I was still a diligent student.
@VRamone (325)
• Brazil
4 Sep 10
well i was the kind of guy that used to sit in the last chair hehe but i got regular grades,i never flunked or anything hehe
@kayra1 (77)
4 Sep 10
I have my own paradox too but the other way around. I've never been on the top of my class in elementary, high school, or university level, never been on the top of the school I studied. But when it came to entrance exams I was always on the top. I had good grades in exams, for example in university entrance exam I came third in one of them and went to a very good university. The student who ranked first at my high school I think was too much below my grade. At the university I was not a brilliant student again. I finished university and took the exam done by the state and I came first in that exam too. This is a paradox but I think that's because I gave too much of my energy to these exams and I was too much motivated to reach my goals.
• Chile
4 Sep 10
I am in the first year at University. I was always the best student in my class, both in the elementary school and in High School. Now it's more dificult, but I want to be the best again.